Diddylicious and I, kinda

I was looking around Diddy’s website today *shifty eyes* and I found these little gems!! Diddylicious is so adorable 🙂 These pictures must be from many years ago when I was in a few Special Edition Playboys but I’ve never seen these Diddy pictures before (or at least it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten) so I thought I would share! Diddy looks all grown up now, check her out if you haven’t seen her recently… cause DAMN!

Christmas Countdown -4

Let’s count down to Christmas together (or whatever you celebrate on December 25th)! I’ve got 5 day’s of babes to show you to help you get in the giving spirit :p What you want to give to these girls I don’t want to know lol.
Leave me a comment telling me what you would gift to our lovely Diddylicious! Diddy is adorable, so I’d give her giraffe slippers and a box of red wine.

Spunky Pass – Cheap Porn!

Good news everyone!! Kate’s Playground is finally on sale! Instead of joining for the regular full price you can get my site and 4 others for only $9.99 each! HUGE amount of money saved. Especially if you are a Spunky girl fan! And how could you not be 😉 SPUNKY PASS – 5 sites for…