The first Wet Wednesday

I dug through my ancient archives and found these relics from the past… My very first #wetwednesday! Sweet, innocent, naive little me 🙂 back when myspace was still cool. Kate’s Playground is full of great #wetwednesday videos and pictures, check here next week for a preview of more slippery sets! xxoo

Chaps and Chains

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Kittens? Boobs? Butter? Family (if you’re being all conventional and boring)? Paper? R2-D2? Credit Cards? Coffee? ok now I’m just naming things I see around me. How about Pleather Chaps with Chains?

Basic Instinct

This dress reminds me of Sharon Stone in Basic Instincts, but mine has trashy holes lol. She is so sexy in that movie, her legs are to die for! Here’s Kate’s Playground‘s take on the interrogation scene. Ok, it’s not even close, the dress just reminds me of the movie and it’s hard coming up…