Do you dream of me?

The title of this set is “I dream of Kate”. So I thought it sounded like a good topic. Dreams… so. any of you ever had a dirty little dream of me? A few people have emailed me in the past and told me about their dreams and it’s always fun to know. Most guys tell me that they dream of just hanging out with me while watching tv or something haha. Lies? Who knows. It’s their dream. Soo if you aren’t shy about it, let me know!

Most of my “dreams” are about when I was a waitress. I have these nightmares about having to serve too many tables and never being able to catch up on food orders and drinks… It’s really frustrating. I haven’t been a waitress in over 5 years! lol and I still have nightmares about it. Sucky.

The weather has been sooo nice out lately! I absolutely have to go to walmart tomorrow asap and buy a little pool so I can lay out in my backyard. My house is like a sauna sometimes! Damn Canada and their serious lack of A/C!!

kate_playground1.jpg kate_playground2.jpg kate_playground3.jpg kate_playground4.jpg

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An older video but I think you will enjoy it!

Oh and Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians!! and Happy 4th of July to the Americans 😉