Forum Nostalgia

*Sigh* I’m feeling SO nostalgic right now. I just got a strange urge to go into my old Kate’s Playground members area forum. 2004! So I’m reading through these old threads and remembering all the people I used to chat with. So many wonderful guys (and a few girls). I miss them all. I really, genuinely do. There’s something fun about the instant gratification of twitter but it all feels so rushed and I forget half the people I’ve had conversations with in the past and have NO way of going back to find these conversations to refresh my memory as twitter is about 2million tweets past there by the time I talk to the person again. And 140 characters is just not enough. I miss the whole idea of taking the time to REALLY formulate a thought, maybe one that even goes BEYOND a mere sentence or two, to really connect with people and not on such a lighting fast pace. I even like the idea of putting a word or two in BOLD! or italics to really get the point across you know? lol. Fuck, I sound like some old codger wishing for the olden days where things weren’t so fast and people were better and you had to walk to school in the snow, up hill… BOTH ways! Gah, those were the days man. Those were the days.
Anyway, fucking old broads and their 140 PLUS character rants about times long past, here’s a picture of my ass and tits and what not. And what the hell, if any of you are ACTUALLY members of my site, feel free to post on my forum, the old version not the new one. I just want to see some life in that old thing again. 🙂

Pink Overload Gallery

<3 Kate xxoo