Kate Ground Facebook

WAS DELETED AGAIN!!! fuck that. what bs. I think it’s cause I reported a faker and so I called attention to myself, which was my mistake. but what the fuck? I hate that bull shit. The REAL KATE GROUND keeps getting deleted from facebook but all these fake profiles get to stay?! not fair.

So the story behind these pics is that I was writing out this sign saying “The REAL Kate Ground on Facebook” and I was gonna put the number of my profile underneath so that it was you know, legit! So I write it out, and go to log into facebook to get the number and boom. Account deactivated. I was so mad. So I’m never making another profile on there, it’s not worth my time and effort. So I just wrote “… was deleted”. and that’s that. So feel free to follow me on twitter and keep up with me there! Or simply leave me a comment here, I always reply 🙂