Kate’s Playground world of warcraft WoW

Ok so here’s the deal with this WoW thing. I USED to play world of warcraft. Yes, it’s true! Tell your friends! “Kate from Kates Playground plays world of warcraft. omg wtf! ftw” etc. I haven’t played since the new expansion came out though, I was tired of being a slave to “the man” aka. Blizzard. My life became a 24/7 grind of dailys and herb gathering. Fucking boring, but fucking FUN all at the same time. So I decided enough was enough and got my life back. It was a long road down the 12 step recovery program, saying “sorry” to all the losers I pwnd on the BG took forever! jk hehe.
So I played a lvl 70 undead rogue (several name and server changes throughout my WoW career, mostly due to boredom) I NEVER told people that I was Kate from Kate’s Playground so I could get gold or some crap like that. Fuck that, I’m not a whore in real life, nor am I in Azeroth 🙂 So if you ever played with someone and they said it was me… they lied to you and you are a sucker 🙂 lol. The guilds I was in and the people I played with NEVER knew who I was/am. They just knew me as a girl playing World of Warcraft and that was cool enough for them.
But anyway, I just wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

So here’s a fun little world of warcraft video from Brooke Marks that I had a cameo in! Brooke is SO funny I Love her!

Brooke Marks Visits The World Of Warcraft – Watch more Funny Videos