Haha, oooopsie! I had my server guys update to the new wordpress for me then I went on a week long vacation to visit some family… Little did I know that my site wouldn’t have the right template uploaded. Oops. So it looked pretty damn ugly for about a week 🙂 Anyway, it’s back to it’s normal pretty self. *sings* Boobies, boobies. Orange and boobies. 🙂 */sings*

I can’t believe I was working with that ancient wordpress for so long though, ugh. This new one is fuckin’ sleeeek! I likes it 🙂 I likes it so much that I made another of my sites into a blog! www.kates-chix.com check it out. It’s more than just Kate Ground, it’s a bunch of other girls that I think are HOT! I would not lead you astray, don’t worry, Go look.  They are secsy 😉