Be mine!

Happy Valentines Day guys! (and girls!). Remember it’s not just about romantic love anymore, it’s about love in general so I hope you all have someone to love today! Give your mom a hug or something hehe.

Hope you enjoy the pics I have for you! The first are of me and Carmen from Craving Carmen dot com!! She’s a super hottie imo. I adore her! And I love her sexy long, dark hair… mmm. I love brunettes haha. (Oh, I love blondes too, you know I have a thing for one blonde in particular anyway hehe **Karen**)

katecarmen1.jpg katecarmen2.jpg katecarmen3.jpg katecarmen4.jpg

More Pics here!

Can you believe that Kate’s Playground has celebrated 5 Valentines day’s?!? zomg. haha Time’s sure flys.

katesplayground_vday1.jpg katesplayground_vday2.jpg katesplayground_vday3.jpg katesplayground_vday4.jpg

More Pics here!