Finally a great new design! I will not take credit for it lol. I obviously paid someone with real skill to do this. It looks fab! So yaaay, Kate Ground is back in business 😉 Big Thanks to those of you who have been following me during this looong hiatus!

So here’s some super good news for you all! I recently shot a buttload of great new content and the first bit of it will be coming out sometime in MAY! So that’s like… soon 🙂 But I do have a little mini teaser for you, just some webcam pics but they are HOT (if i may say so hehe). I think I’ve changed a lot since the last time I shot, my boobs are bigger now! woot. But I’m maybe not as skinny… bleh. take some good with the bad ya know?

Anyway, enjoy the teaser pics 😉 and welcome back to my blog!

Thanks (in advance) for your comments!

(damn, windows vista is being laaame and not letting me work with wordpress properly. so no thumbnails for now. just click the pic links)