Twitter and Facebook

Aaahh! I decided to change the design of this site… and now I am like… WHY?! lol. So this whole thing is a work in progress. It looks like such a mess right now haha. Oh well. It will get done one day.

But no day soon as I am MOVING! in a few days! Let me tell you, moving across the country (actually to a new country) is a lot of work. I have been fighting with immigration for over a year now! I just want to live in America! But soon enough I hope. I bought a gorgeous home in the midwest! But I am not allowed to live in it yet haha. So I’m moving in with my MOM until I am, should be fun…. right? 

I also want to invite you to follow me on Twitter! I just recently started using it and I really enjoy it! I have some NEW pictures up there on my TwitPic as well. (new content coming VERY soon to so keep an eye out for free teaser pics!) 

AANNDD if you would like please add me to your Facebook! I am a huuuge facebook fan! I LOVE it. way better than Twitter in my opinion. So ya, add me, message me, comment me, enjoy me. 🙂 

Come chat with me! Hope to see you soon 🙂