Rio – Homework Hottie

Rio had good intentions of finishing her homework but was totally distracted when someone started taking pictures up her skirt! Naughty girl Rio was all to happy to oblige saying “fuck education, I’m pretty!” Reminds me of that internet meme of the girl trying to read “c-a-t. Fuck this shit, I’ll just be a stripper.” So in an effort to keep myself and Rio off the public dole, because we are entirely too lazy and pretty to work a real job, please join Kate’s Playground! It’s a public service really, if only it could be counted as a charitable deduction on your taxes! Oh if only. “But Unlce Sam, sir, these simpleminded hotties will starve if we don’t support the soft-core pornographic arts!” I hope no one actually reads the things I write, I’ve taken a strange turn here. “Who will clothe the poor babes?! Look at them, they’re half naked!” You see? Supporting my website sounds like a philanthropic endeavor to me. *nods*