Who wore it best?

I love all the Spunky Girls, they are such a great group of girls! As Spunky’s first model I’ve donated a lot of clothing to the Spunky wardrobe closet and I love seeing my past outfits on all these different girls. I don’t think it’s any secret that the Spunky Girls often share a similar wardrobe across our websites. Each of us puts a unique spin on our choice of clothing but the similarities are there. Which leads me to ask… who wore it best?

sweet krissy
Sweet Krissy

cindy cupcakes
Cindy Cupcakes

kates playground
Kate’s Playground

kates playground
Kate’s Playground

karen loves kate
Karen loves Kate

Apparently I really like this outfit as I’ve worn it 3+ times on my websites! Leave a comment with who you think wore it best!!
(Personally I like Cindy Cupcakes‘ version, because she got really creative with it!)