Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my birthday on Friday! On November 22nd I will be 19! er… 29. Crap. Well none of us are getting any younger and I like to think that I’m aging like a fine wine, with a thick layer of dust on the outside but deliciously complex and infinitely more distinguished on the inside. :p whatever.
These pictures from Kate’s Playground were taken on my 21st birthday.

The first Wet Wednesday

I dug through my ancient archives and found these relics from the past… My very first #wetwednesday! Sweet, innocent, naive little me 🙂 back when myspace was still cool. Kate’s Playground is full of great #wetwednesday videos and pictures, check here next week for a preview of more slippery sets! xxoo

Vintage Kate’s Playground – Day 3

This little blue wicked weasel bikini was the first gift ever given to me from a fan. I opened it up and was like… wtf is this? It just looked like strings lol. This is the smallest bikini evaar. I loved it the moment I put it on. Feels dirty and tight and tiny lol……

Vintage Kate’s Playground – Day 2

Ok, it’s actually day 3, but I forgot to post yesterday. I’ve come down with an awful cold, I feel like garbage! This is before I got my second back piercing done. You can see my scar from the old one lol. Stupid piercings. I hate that it grew out TWICE, I loved that thing….