Kate’s Playground – Deal

Brand new pictures up today on Kate’s Playground “Deal”. I would make the WORST dealer ever, I cannot count lol. The video for this is rather hilarious because of this. ppsshht whatever though, right? At least I have nice boobs, who needs brains! :p 15 picture free gallery here xxoo

Kate’s Playground – Blending

I neglected to post this set when it first came out and then I totally forgot all about it! If you haven’t already seen it here is the preview for the latest picture set on Kate’s Playground “Blending”. Hope you like! Kate’s Playground “Blending” Gallery – 15 free pics! xxoo

Kate’s Playground – Self Satisfaction

It’s been awhile! But I finally have something hot to show you 🙂 This brand new set on Kate’s Playground, just came out today! I think it’s pretty sexy, there’s always an added element when I include a toy in the pics. A little edge of naughtiness 😉 I titled this set “Self Satisfaction” because,…

Kate’s Playground in 2010!

Hope you guys have tons of fun on New Years Eve!! And a Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2010. Wtf? where are the flying cars and robots and bionic body parts. And really, why haven’t we mastered space travel yet?? I want to go to the moon for the afternoon, it’s 2010! I…