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Enjoy this throw back to sweet, innocent, 19 year old me bound up and ready to murder the photographer if he doesn’t actually untie me (you can harass or praise the man who did this to me on twitter @therealspunky).

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Wow, well it hasn’t been a FULL year since I posted last but almost! Here’s some pictures you may have missed of me in the past couple months… If you haven’t already found me on Twitter connect with me via @kate_ground so we can chat about books and I can wow you with my wit….

Vintage Kate’s Playground – Day 8

This is a sort of classy set and probably something you haven’t seen before. I don’t see it passed around much but I think it’s a sexy outfit. I love lacy lingerie, it’s classier than mesh but still just as sexy. Happy Hump day everyone!! Kate’s playground – Lace on Stairs xxoo

Vintage Kate’s Playground – Day 6

Pouty, grumpy, whatever you want to call it… I’ve never like to smile in my pictures, it’s just how I roll 🙂 lol. Loving this vinyl top paired with frilly panties and fishnets, it’s the good and the bad (minus the ugly lol!) mixed together. Sort of like me… Shy, quiet on the outside but…