Springtime Ramblings

Spring is here! and I’m loving life completely! It’s just such a different world when spring time comes around. It’s like I can breathe again, windows are open and the wind is blowing. Everything is starting to bloom, my beautiful daffodils are coming up and I’ve got 3 little yellow flowers now 🙂 Spring time makes me ridiculously happy. I’m just sad that it goes by so quickly, then summer is here and I’m drowning in my own sweat. Thank god for A/C!
I had a vegetable garden put in last weekend! It’s huuuge, 8×12! But it looks great so far, but it’s just dirt and wood haha. I have all my veggies inside starting to grow. I’ve never been into gardening before but my mom has always grown things and I guess the saying is true, you DO become your mother eventually, which is REALLY scary cause she can be just… so… my mom. lol. What more can I say, I’m sure you understand, you all had/have mothers too. But anyway, I’m excited to grow things! I think it’s a fascinating little process and I’m up for the challenge! I will share some pics with you once I get it going 🙂

Here’s a picture gallery from the latest webcam set on Kate’s Playground!
Final Countdown Boxing – Kate’s Playground