Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my birthday on Friday! On November 22nd I will be 19! er… 29. Crap. Well none of us are getting any younger and I like to think that I’m aging like a fine wine, with a thick layer of dust on the outside but deliciously complex and infinitely more distinguished on the inside. :p whatever.
These pictures from Kate’s Playground were taken on my 21st birthday.

Naughty School Girl Zip Set! NEW!

Oh em geeee…. You’ve been asking for another zip set and well… here it is! It’s an older video from the good ol days at Kate’s Playground but it’s a fantastic video. I think Spunky was keeping this one in his personal stash. But the time has come to share it with all of you!…

Kate’s Playground – Stripper School

School girl stripper! I sort of want to be a stripper, it sounds trashy, and dirty but thrilling all at the same time. I love going to see strippers though, especially ones that can really dance. I’m so jealous of girls who can dance, I’m such a dork on the dance floor, it’s embarrassing. Unless…

Kate’s Playground – Blending

I neglected to post this set when it first came out and then I totally forgot all about it! If you haven’t already seen it here is the preview for the latest picture set on Kate’s Playground “Blending”. Hope you like! Kate’s Playground “Blending” Gallery – 15 free pics! xxoo