Kate’s Playground – Stripper School

School girl stripper! I sort of want to be a stripper, it sounds trashy, and dirty but thrilling all at the same time. I love going to see strippers though, especially ones that can really dance. I’m so jealous of girls who can dance, I’m such a dork on the dance floor, it’s embarrassing. Unless I’m really drunk, in which case I think I am a GREAT dancer LOL. Reality is always skewed when drinking. Speaking of drinking, I can’t wait for Halloween!! I’m going as Rosie the Riveter this year, the iconic american woman from ww2. I don’t know WHY really, other than I had a cute costume already for it and in my laziness I didn’t feel like creating anything else. I still have to carve my pumpkins, and then I get to make pumpkin cookies!!! which are only the most amazing cookies evaar.

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