Sexy Babe Sasha

Another new girlfriend, you say?! Yep! It must be getting close to Christmas, I’m in such a giving mood :p
Sasha is another new addition to the ever growing line up of hot babes at Kate’s Playground! Sasha is silly and sexy, just how I like my girls! She teases, licks and fucks but does it all with a smile 😀

Rio – Homework Hottie

Rio had good intentions of finishing her homework but was totally distracted when someone started taking pictures up her skirt! Naughty girl Rio was all to happy to oblige saying “fuck education, I’m pretty!” Reminds me of that internet meme of the girl trying to read “c-a-t. Fuck this shit, I’ll just be a stripper.” So in an effort to keep myself and Rio off the public dole, because we are entirely too lazy and pretty to work a real job, please join Kate’s Playground! It’s a public service really…